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Now i lie somewhere else , as psalm1special  .
Visit me, catch up! :)

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Dear reader,
I have to take this time to wish you well
it has been so fun making friends & being selahme  with you
You know,
I really do feel all fuzzy inside whenever i hear i've brightened your day or inspired you in a certain way
But did you notice that after all my clever words & funny pictures
you still don't know a damn thing about me, making this a pointless journal? I just did.
Don't worry I'm not emo, im just leaving
The jig is up & i'm cutting the act
Thank you so much for being such a great audience
Please feel free to miss what you think you know about me,
as i set off to discover the rest.
I love you so much but for integrity's sake, 


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Current Music: Staind - So far away

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" How i wish i were in india, mumbai also can.
  You chain singapore money go there become like king
  There don't need to give a F*** about Bush & Osama all.
  There really different life sia.
  I mean, you walk on the road can see the cow shit on the road right next to where you walking
  Behind your house got forest, garden all...
  Can grow your own vegetables all...
  Life like one kind only, life at india 

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Today i spent my day with sin ; the flesh it likes to reside in
Tonight i simply waste away ; appreciate all of my decay
Tomorrow i will so miss you still ; please love me till i've had my fill

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I am that guy friend you complain about your boyfriend to
even though i've always been single.
Telling you that no matter what,
you're still beautiful & i'll always be there for you as a friend
Making you think that i have never even remotely had feelings for you
and " i just want you to be happy "
I don't know how you buy that bullshit,
I can't even believe i said that myself !
I'm that guy friend,
you don't mind hanging out in t-shirt, jeans & a naked face with,
the ever present umbrella in the rain,
cheering you on at the sidelines,
giving you sentimental handmade birthday gifts & thousand-word-long letters
(instead of the brainless expensive things your boyfriends have)
Oh yes... and crying at your wedding in the last pew.

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Chapter 4: Dear infinity
Dear infinity
you know i love you
though sometimes i prefer me & my darkness
You've seen me through all i can conjure
But where did you go when it didn't hurt?
I have to admit, 
an hour ago you were the last thing on my mind.
i didn't feel need for love when i was having fun
Tell me really really loud,
was this mess worth your whole life's investment?
Cause though your words mean the world to me,
i fear tomorrow i will break your heart again

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Current Music: Whale Song - Giants Must Fall

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Happy early / late birthday wishes everyone.
BM & colleen paiseh i couldnt find a proper pic of us
And Long time no see gu!
PS: i still hope you guys do the meme on my prev post!

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Oh do tell!

Post a completely made up & fictional memory involving you & me.
It can be good or bad, but it has to be fake!

So it doesn't matter if you :
are in amsterdam selling merch for fall out boy,
recently got third degree burns because you fell into a campfire,
are australian (haha) ,
have a stupid boyfriend who don't treat you like you wish he would,
or amongst the other 80% of the world's population : asian

Don't think, just type!
If you are posting anonymously,  
please leave your name!

Repost this & see what your friends come up with
have a good one people!

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